Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So sad...

It think this article is endlessly sad in its detailing of a growing trend of women who are turning to abortions because of the "economic crisis."

As an antidote, I offer this blog post.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brain damage

I think something is wrong with my brain. I cannot believe that I actually just purchased this book. I am sure it will be just awful. My only defense is that I nearly fell over laughing just from reading the first few lines.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Green is the new god

Well, here begins my first Blogger post. Hold your breath, we're diving right in.

Thanks to my husband, I have been thinking lately about what morality looks like without God, without Christ, without the Church. Mostly it looks like the Social Responsibility commercial that has been playing nonstop lately. Joe Floppyhair picks up a child's toy and returns it to him; this action kicks off a chain of consideration that results in an act of kindness for the originator, Mr. Floppyhair. It is the doctrine of pay it forward. Enlightened self-interest.

This is the best that atheism has to offer us.

The latest incarnation of godless morality, and my new pet peeve, is Greenism. DISCLAIMER: I believe that God created the earth for man, that we might have dominion over it and care for it. I am all in favor of sensible use of resources, replenishing what we take, and avoiding wanton destruction. That having been said, it sickens me that a very commonsense movement has become a driving consumer force.

Think about it...
Clothing store are schlepping whole lines of t-shirts that proclaim the wearer's Greenliness; t-shirts that will move to the back of the closet when a new fad hits and into the landfills two more fads later.

Companies are doing everything in their power to prove to the consumer how green they are or have become. They tell us, "Don't buy fewer products, buy more products because they are greener products." The whole repackaging, remarketing makeover is to convince you to spend your money on their product, not to help Mother Earth.

A whole subset of evangelical Christianity cares more about Bibles made from post-consumer material than the slaughter of our unborn children.

Disney/Pixar's 2008 yearly blockbuster was a fable about the dangers of consumer waste and the glories of recycling. Poor Wall*E has become the lone inhabitant of a garbage-ridden planet. How did they market this movie? Why, with an armada of cheaply produced, garbage-destined, chochke tie-ins, of course. Indeed, it is nearly impossible to find a children's cartoon today that doesn't have at least one episode devoted to saving the earth! It makes me miss the days Captain Planet; sure, it was propaganda, but it never claimed to be otherwise.

Ultimately, the marketing campaign is working flawlessly. Why? Because a nation with no moral compass, no divinely instituted standard is spiritually adrift. We love the amorphous, fuzzy feeling of doing good and the social approval "doing the right thing." Thus, for us, greenliness is next to godliness. We seek to do what is right in society's eyes, to plaster over the depravity of our own hearts with a fine veneer of self-made righteousness. And we all know what Scripture has to say about that...